What does it mean to be an Accredited Solution?

June 18, 2023

We recently shared news of a fresh partnership that will make life easier for our current and future customers: we have joined WiredScore’s newly launched Accredited Solutions offering. 

But what does it really mean to be WiredScore’s Accredited Solution – for us and for our current and future customers – that’s what we’ll explain here.

What is a smart building – and why are they important? 

Our living and working habits as well as climate change are forcing us to rethink our living environment. That’s why the buildings of today must be smart buildings.

There is no single definition of a smart building, but in general, a smart building's characteristics include:

  • They are built with their users in mind, making everyday life easier through different smart technologies.
  • They use evolved design, technology and engineering to integrate and automate processes – leading to self-regulation of the building's different functions. 
  • Different sensors can detect changes in light, humidity, occupancy etc. and regulate for instance the temperature, ventilation and lighting in the building.
  • As a result, the building performs better, saves energy, is better for the environment and provides improved living conditions for its inhabitants.

Smart buildings need smart solution providers

WiredScore is a leading building technology company that seeks to accelerate the development of smart buildings by assessing and improving digital connectivity and smart technology in homes and offices around the world. 

SmartScore is a certification developed by WiredScore to provide clarity on what constitutes a smart building, guidance on how to achieve the status, and proof of the value it adds to the asset. With SmartScore, properties can be scored and their intelligence can be compared in a coherent framework.

While a well-received certification for the buildings exists, ‘smart’ continues to be an opaque subject for the real estate industry – despite the fact that smart building seems to be a requirement today, not least from the point of view of residents.

To address this contradiction, WiredScore developed the Accredited Solutions accreditation system to bring digital real estate solution providers into the same framework with the buildings that are deploying those solutions, making comparison efficient, transparent and reliable for property owners.

Accredited Solutions provide trust and transparency for property owners

Accredited Solutions are technology providers whose systems and solutions have been benchmarked against WiredScore’s certification standards, empowering them to work with landlords globally.

If a company wants to become WiredScore accredited, it means that:

  • WiredScore will examine and test every aspect of the digital solution and compare it to their SmartScore scoring system. 
  • Each feature is scored and examined to make sure the tool is working as promised.

For the property owner, the accreditation is first and foremost about trust:

  • When property owner then wants to implement digital solutions to make their buildings smarter, they know that Accredited Solutions companies have already been tested by an independent body and found to be trustworthy providers.
  • It offers complete assurance that they are choosing the right technology solution for their assets; solutions that will deliver the very best results and ensure they achieve their SmartScore targets. 
  • It enables them to pick the best-fitting provider for their projects, saving time, money and resources on their smart building journey.

Hococo is one of the world’s first Accredited Solution

Hococo became one of WiredScore’s first-ever Accredited Solution in November 2022. This means, that WiredScore has confirmed Hococo’s ability to deliver across the SmartScore framework. 

Hococo's areas of excellence lie especially in the Community and Services as well as Maintenance and Operation sections of the scorecard. Especially recognized by SmartScore is Hococo’s ability to create communities within buildings to drive tenant engagement and its work order management

The accreditation report also makes special mention of Hococo’s various booking options for amenities, an outstanding ticketing system with a communication function as well as great compliance options.

Accreditation is a signal to our customers that we not only meet the very highest standards for smart building innovation today – but our partnership enables us continuously benchmark our solution and gain an even better understanding of how to best develop our offer in the future.

We are happy to tell you more about the accreditation as well as give a demo of our digital solution, that helps you forward on your smart building journey!

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