Integrations & IoT.

Hococo is a cloud-based platform built on an open API that opens up a world of integrations. Built for scale on Microsoft Azure backbone, our REST API enables endless integration opportunities and headless architectural features.

Illustration of Hococo Admin Hub with logos for available integrations e.g. Stripe and Microsoft.
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No two businesses are the same. Our platform is built with flexibility in mind. The goal is to ultimately help you integrate the software tools you use in your daily operations by utilising our REST API.
Well-documented REST API
Industry standards-based ontology
Easily customise your tenant experience
Image with logos of Hococo's integration partners: eg Stripe, Boligflow, Typeform
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Our platform can help you connect the digital experience with the physical facilities in your buildings. Hococo provides a digital foundation that brings your IoT solutions to life. This creates excellent tenant experiences that both wow and engage.
Connect with digital locks, smart devices and more
Add value to your property with a IoT-powered property
Use our app to own the customer experience

App Marketplace.

Enable popular apps from our already existing integrations via our App Marketplace. Our apps not only get your residents what they need faster, but also help your teams do more in less time.
Easily enable popular apps and pre-built integrations
10+ apps in our database already with more to come
Choose what you need and get going right away

Want to become a Technology Partner?

Contact us if you would like to see your app in the Hococo App store.
Illustration of Hococo Admin Hub landing page

Meet Admin Hub.

Admin hub is a powerful tool for property and community managers that simplifies all daily tasks. Use less time per tenant while still giving them a fantastic service experience. That’s a win!

Ready to use the power of smart integrations and IoT?