Impact in Real Estate.

Hococo was founded on the belief that the future generations (‘digital natives’) will choose to live and work fundamentally different than we do today.For the future to exist, it is our responsibility have a positive impact.

Hococo’s ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) principles guide how we, as a proptech company, work towards better future in the real estate industry.

ESG in real estate & property management

Environmental, Social  and Governance (ESG) is not a new concept, but never has its importance been as high. The built environment is responsible for 40% of global energy use and action is required for us to reach the ambitious climate goals set on global level.

Whole real estate industry needs to respond to this in order to mitigate the negative externalities on societies that may otherwise occur. ESG can also act as a value driver in property industry by opening new opportunities and ensuring safe operating environment for the decades to come.
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Our purpose.

Why do we do it?

Our mission is to empower and inspire Real Estate professionals to drive human-centric businesses that are beyond bricks and mortar. With digitalization the industry can become more efficient and commit resources to residents well-being.

What do we do?

Hococo is an end-to-end Tenant Relationship Platform that helps real estate professionals create excellent customer-centric tenant experiences that are both engaging and profitable.
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What is our purpose?

Our business goal is to become the industry leading customer centric residential management platform. At the same time we want to be part of the solution. Our objective is to have a positive impact on the society.
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Hococo’s ESG Principles.

The goal of Hococo’s Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) work  is not to build a program to address only individual causes, but rather to establish a set of principles that will guide the core business throughout its journey.

We want to tie the ESG focus areas to our product roadmap, where they will be one of the factors as Hococo, as well as its products and services, develop.

We’re committed to have an positive impact in the societies we operate in!
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Have positive impact at the core

Besides building a healthy, profitable business, our core focus is on the positive impact that Hococo is producing through its actions.


Bridge ESG and product development

We don’t believe in clued on sustainability projects. Hococo want’s to have environmental and societal factors play a role when decisions are made.


Share ESG values across teams

The value of ESG will be limited, if its just considered by top management. Key factor is building them as shared values across the whole company.


Quote marks
Sustainable development is the development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

Gro Harlem Brundtland


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...Our community is a huge part of our concept at Urban Rigger and with the help of hococo we are able to enhance the tenant’s experience in a professional way.”

Anna Rosa Rylander


Image of Anna Rosa Rylander from Urban RiggerQuote marks
...Our community is a huge part of our concept at Urban Rigger and with the help of hococo we are able to enhance the tenant’s experience in a professional way.”

Anna Rosa Rylander


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ESG Focus for Hococo

Fighting loneliness

Loneliness epidemic is growing and fighting it is critical. In Europe, 1 in 4 feel lonely (European Commission, 2021) and in it has been shown that people suffering from loneliness have 26% higher mortality rate (Brigham Young University, 2015). The cost of this, both on personal as well as on societal level, is unbearable.

How can Hococo help?
Property developers can build buildings with dedicated space for the residents to spend time together, this will though be wasted effort, if people don’t feel invited to join in. Hococo offers property managers and landlords a way to invite their tenants to join – personally via their mobile phones.
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Energy efficiency

Buildings generate almost 40% of annual global CO2 emissions (Global Status report, 2018). Out of the buildings total energy consumption 80% happens during its use – mostly in heating, cooling, lighting and appliances (Ellen Macarthur Foundation, 2016). Action is needed to reduce energy consumption.

How can Hococo help?
Our products are capable to provide transparency as well as data and communication tools that can help our clients and their end-users. We want to enable them to monitor the current usage as well as work together as partners in finding the best ways to reduce their overall energy consumption.

Circular economy

Wasteful use of resources is a major issue in modern life. Currently 80% of household items are used less than once a month. At the same time, municipalities use 20% of the total budget in managing waste (Ellen Macarthur Foundation, 2019). There must be a smarter way!

How can Hococo help?
By making sharing, co-owning and recycling easy and convenient, we can help limit the production of new items. Hococo’s digital solution has this in-built at its core. We can enable people to adopt practices of circular economy without it having a negative impact in their everyday life.
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Facility management

40% of the global CO2 emissions are caused by our built environment (Global Status report, 2018). It is important to take care of the existing buildings to ensure that the materials stay in use to reduce the need for additional new construction. The landlords and tenants need to work on this together!

How can Hococo help?
Our software is built for efficient management of the buildings and the ease of communication between tenants and landlords. This helps the information flow in both direction and makes it possible to together care for the buildings.

ESG Roadmap 2022 - 2023

Having a positive impact on the society at large was the reason why Hococo was originally founded in 2018. As the company is growing, Hococo’s Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) work was started formally in 2022, where the guiding ESG Principles were established.

These ESG Principles will be incorporated into the day-to-day operations as well as in the product development processes to ensure that our actions will be contributing to the good of the society.
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Hococo - Reinventing tenant experience

Hococo has a mission to change the way that tenants are seen in rental property market. The aim is to change thinking to customer-centric where residents are encountered as valued customers.
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