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Tenant experience and operations platform.

Hococo is a all-in-one tenant experience and operations platform that changes the way real estate professionals manage rental residential properties and nurture tenant relationships. See how digitalization can help you to optimize the performance of your properties.

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NREP tenant experience
Tenant resident app
Catella app and Hococo
Image of a Hococo resident app's landing page on a mobile phone. It says on the top of the screen Welcome home Victor and shows below events and  broadcasts. Image of Hococo's Admin Hub landing page where are listed all of the properties with imagesImage of Hococo Operations app showing My tickets view where are listed all of the open tickets.
An image of the Hococo Admin hub desktop and Screen captures of the Operations app and the Resident App.

3 good reasons to choose Hococo.

Illustration of a woman with a heart

Drive customer loyalty through service.

Obtain loyal tenants through great service experiences and minimize tenant turnover in your property.
Illustration of a horn with mouths

Changing the way we communicate with tenants.

Hococo enables and gathers all communication in one place, creating transparency and stability for them and you.
Illustration of two mobile phones with a heart on the screen

Add new revenue streams to your property.

Your tenants are open to paying for more than just the rent. Open up new revenue streams and increase the topline.

Value across different real estate sectors.

Product highlights.


Save countless hours spent on communication. Send important updates and events to tenants via push notifications, email and SMS with just a few clicks. Convenient for everyone.
β€’ Instant Messages
β€’ Push notifications
β€’ Events
β€’ Email
β€’ Auto updates
β€’ SMS
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an image displaying broadcast from a community manager, question from a tenant and reply to it.


Gain a complete overview of tickets and their current status and handle communication across all platforms with ease. Never struggle with staying on top of communications again.
β€’ Automated ticket system
β€’ Ticket data insights
β€’ Janitor app
β€’ Task management
β€’ Automatic updates
β€’ Great overview
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Image of a defect and issue  report for leaking toilet containing a description of leaking toilet that has been solved. Next to the ticket is illustration of buzzing mobile phone.


Intuitive booking and management system that keeps your residents happy. Residents can use their app to seamlessly and safely book shared spaces and amenities.
β€’ In app bookings
β€’ Services
β€’ Event calendar
β€’ For shared facilities
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Image of Hococo app showing facility booking system


Self-service is great service. Hococo Home Assistant lets your tenants help themselves 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is always at hand.
β€’ Intelligent FAQ
β€’ Real time conversation
β€’ Add video guides
β€’ Ticket and issue creation
β€’ Use images to explain
β€’ Push notification updates
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A picture of Hococo app and examples of issue reports: where to order new key chip, What to do with a leaking pipe etc

We help you work smarter.

Connect everyone in
one place.

Give great service and build strong communities with the Hococo Resident App.
Image ow Hococo welcome screen saying "Welcome home Alexander"See now

Unlocking workflows with integrations.

Hococo integrates with a wide range of soft- and hardware. We also do custom integrations that are not already supported in the Hococo platform.
Logos of companies that Hococo has integrations to: Stripe, Zapier, Boligflow

Self-service 24/7.

Enable your tenants to help themselves at all times by utilizing great self-help content such as video guides, tutorials with images, links, text and much more.
Illustration of girl sitting in a lotus yoga position
Illustration of man walking and playing music on a trumpet

All the tools to engage and manage your residents.

Resident App
Advanced ticketing system
Operations App
Booking system for shared spaces
Admin Hub
End-to-end data insights
Cloud-based API software
Waitlist w/ automatic lead matching
Illustration of hands with a heart and a key

Ready to become customer centric?

Illustration of hands on a light pink background