Admin Hub.

Admin Hub is a powerful tool for property and community managers that simplifies all daily tasks. Use less time per tenant while still giving them a fantastic service experience. That’s a win!

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Manage all communication with your tenants from one, central solution. Send broadcasts to all of your tenants at once. If they don’t have the Resident App, they will receive the broadcast by email or text message. Smart.
Multi-channel broadcasting
One solution for managing all communication
Simplified daily work process
Illustration describing how from Hococo Admin Hub you can send push notification, emails and SMSs to your tenants.

Communication how and when you want it.

Work ahead
No more last minute mass emailing. Schedule important  events or service announcements send-outs to work ahead. Hococo lets you work smarter, not harder.
Image of scheduled broadcasts from community managers to residents of a building. The other tells about event Yoga for all and the other informs about the lift being out of service.
Get creative
Use Hococo's powerful Editor for creative content such as videos, images, GIFs or a mix of them all when communicating with your tenants.
Illustration of a message saying Hello and waving hand emoji, with a rainbow colour smiling emoji on the background
Collect feedback
Interact with your tenants through comments or simply send out surveys to collect feedback. Endless opportunities to engage and nurture relationships there for the taking.
Broadcast message with an image of pink and yellow balloon with a text Survey on top of it.

Help Desk.

Your one-stop-shop for coordinating facility management. Gain a complete overview of tickets and their current status and handle communication across all platforms with ease. Never struggle with staying on top of your daily operations again.
Seamless ticket communication
Real time messaging
Access important ticket data
Images from Hococo Operations App showing a ticket with information on Project, assigned to, issue description and the timing - and the communication between the janitor and the resident
Efficient handling of tenant inquiries.
A tenant directs inquiry through the Resident App and a ticket is created in the system.
The ticket automatically gets prioritised, categorised and assigned to the right employee.
The ticket can now be handled efficiently and the tenant will automatically be notified upon changes or new messages.
Images from Home Assistant showing FAQ view, image of a video guide for setting WIFI, and questions from tenants

Meet your Home Assistant.

Give your tenants the ability to help themselves 24/7 via Home Assistant in the Hococo Resident App. With its help, you can focus on critical issues and reduce the amount of general inquiries by up to 60%.

Data & Segmentation.

Use data from Hococo to optimise your workflows and act on facts instead of gut feeling. With Hococo, you can track and analyse any data point to uncover potential threats or wins that will pave the way for becoming data-driven.
Resident demographics and interests
Retention, vacancy rates and churn
Engagement and customer satisfaction
Issue reporting and response times
And much, much more
Illustration pie charts and bars portraying data and segmentation possibilities in the Hococo solution
Image of Hococo Resident app showing Facilities and Spaces that can be reserved

Smart Waitlist.

Minimise vacancies with smart Waitlist. Secure leads, maintain high occupancy rates and provide a seamless onboarding process. Waitlist helps you keep a full house all year round by automatically matching your units with suitable applicants.
100% auto-match applicants and units
Manage your leads from start to end
Smart demographics based on segments
Automatic email flows and sync with your CRM

Payments & Services.

Add new revenue streams with our ever-evolving Payments & Service module. Offer your customers more than just tenancy and improve their overall resident experience.
Events with Paygate
Add single purchase services
Add subscription-based services
Add paygates to shared facilities
Plus much, much more
Image showing a three mobile screens with images from Booking facilities and amenities feature on Hococo Resident App.
Screenshots of Hococo Operations App showing a ticket and a notification with illustration of Hococo helping hands

Operations App.

Handle daily facility management conveniently from the Hococo Operations App. The app for rental property management helps you stay up-to-date on the go!

Ready to become customer centric?

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