Operations App.

Handle daily facility management conveniently from the Hococo Operations App. The app for rental property management helps you stay up-to-date on the go!

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TasksTicket handlingReal-time messaging


Keep track of tasks and their progress across buildings and employees. The task management feature helps to reduce bureaucracy and tedious processing - so you can focus on the actual tasks at hand.
Effortless task management
Improve efficiency
Increase your propertyโ€™s NOI
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Images from Hococo Operations App showing a ticket with information on Project, assigned to, issue description and the timing - and the communication between the janitor and the resident

Ticket handling.

Automated ticket prioritisation and delegation of the tenant inquiries supports you in working smarter. Real-time progress updates reduce additional questions and help you focus on solving the issue.
Automatic ticket prioritisation and delegation
Transparent real-time progress updates
Super intuitive user interface

Real-time messaging.

Communicate with your residents with ease in the Operations App. No need to check multiple inboxes - get all of the messages in real-time directly to your preferred device and be up-to-date at all times.
One platform - all of the messages
Real-time messaging
Stay up-to-date with changes
Illustration of buzzing mobile phone with speech bubbles showing discussion between janitor and a tenant agreeing that janitor arrives in 20 minutes to fix a stove.
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Meet Admin Hub.

Admin Hub is a powerful tool for property managers that simplifies all daily tasks. Use less time per tenant and still give them a fantastic service experience. Thatโ€™s a win!

App for janitors and administration

Streamline the work - it's better for everyone.

Is your inbox and phone constantly buzzing? Letโ€™s change that together! Hococo collects all of your communication efforts in one application, so you can work more efficiently, save time and provide a better personalised service.
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Ready to become customer centric?

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