Operations App.

Handle daily facility management conveniently from the Hococo Operations App. The app for rental property management helps you stay up-to-date on the go!

TasksTicket handlingReal-time messaging


Keep track of tasks and their progress across buildings and employees. The task management feature helps to reduce bureaucracy and tedious processing - so you can focus on the actual tasks at hand.
Effortless task management
Improve efficiency
Increase your property’s NOI

Ticket handling.

Automated ticket prioritisation and delegation of the tenant inquiries supports you in working smarter. Real-time progress updates reduce additional questions and help you focus on solving the issue.
Automatic ticket prioritisation and delegation
Transparent real-time progress updates
Super intuitive user interface

Real-time messaging.

Communicate with your residents with ease in the Operations App. No need to check multiple inboxes - get all of the messages in real-time directly to your preferred device and be up-to-date at all times.
One platform - all of the messages
Real-time messaging
Stay up-to-date with changes

Meet Admin Hub.

Admin Hub is a powerful tool for property managers that simplifies all daily tasks. Use less time per tenant and still give them a fantastic service experience. That’s a win!

App for janitors and administration

Streamline the work - it's better for everyone.

Is your inbox and phone constantly buzzing? Let’s change that together! Hococo collects all of your communication efforts in one application, so you can work more efficiently, save time and provide a better personalised service.

Ready to become customer centric?