Great tenant experiences.

Reimagine residential property management: Give your tenants help whenever they need it - without working harder.

Trusted by industry leaders.

Why choose Hococo?

Get loyal tenants through exceptional service

Good tenant experiences are critical for minimising turnover. Give them a good reason to stay.


Communicate with your tenants like never before

Send service announcements to all tenants via push-messages, email and SMS - with a few clicks.


Create new revenue streams through services

Your tenants are open to paying for more than just the rent. Open up new revenue streams and increase topline profits.


Efficient digital ecosystem for residential properties.

Build strong relationships
Enable seamless communication between your employees and residents. Share important information and events via notifications, emails and text messages. All from one place.
Streamline your daily operations
Organise daily task management in an efficient and convenient way. Automate task and issues assignement to focus on critical tasks and offer self-service 24/7.
Make it easy & transparent
Ensure that everyone knows what is happening and when. Avoid additional workload by informing all parties in real-time of the progress. The easiest option can be the most efficient!

A booking system always at hand.

Give your tenants access to book all of your shared facilities directly from their mobile device - simple and easy for everyone!
Handle your data more efficiently - and notice the difference!
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A platform with endless possibilities.

Hococo is a cloud-based platform built on an open API that opens up a world of integrations. Built for scale on Microsoft Azure backbone, our REST API enables endless integration opportunities and headless architectural features.

All the tools to engage and manage your residents.

Resident App
Advanced ticketing system
Operations App
Booking system for shared spaces
Admin Hub
End-to-end data insights
Cloud-based API software
Waitlist w/ automatic lead matching

App for janitors and administration

Streamline the work - it's better for everyone.

Is your inbox and phone constantly buzzing? Let’s change that together! Hococo collects all of your communication efforts in one application, so you can work more efficiently, save time and provide a better personalised service.

Ready to become customer centric?