Hococo is a SmartScore Accredited Solution

June 18, 2023

Press release 10.11.2022
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Danish proptech company Hococo is one of the world’s first SmartScore Accredited Solutions

Accredited Solutions technology providers make it easier for the real estate industry to adopt smart technology in their buildings.

Danish proptech company Hococo joins Accredited Solutions as one of the first companies – and one of the few residential technologies. Accredited Solutions companies are technology providers whose systems and solutions have been benchmarked against WiredScore’s certification standards, empowering them to work within the same framework standards as the real estate industry globally.

  • In the real estate sector, a lack of transparency and trust is currently one of the biggest barriers to the adoption of much sought-after smart technologies in buildings.
  • In response to this, WiredScore has launched its Accredited Solutions accreditation to help the industry players to choose the right solutions for their assets by validating that the technology provider solutions actually work the way they claim to do.

“Since launching SmartScore - our smart building certification - in 2021, we’ve noticed that ‘smart’ continues to be an opaque subject for the real estate industry. Many continue to seek guidance on how to implement smart buildings, what solution providers to work with, and even what ‘smart’ itself means. We are confident that our Accredited Solutions offering will help to demystify how to successfully deliver a smart building.”  - Arie Barendrecht, the founder and CEO of WiredScore

Hococo's areas of excellence that have been recognized by SmartScore are its ability to create communities within buildings to drive tenant engagement and its work order management. The accreditation report also makes special mention of Hococo’s various booking options for amenities, an outstanding ticketing system with a communication function as well as great compliance options.

“For us, joining Accredited Solutions and being validated as a trusted provider is extremely important. It enables us to demonstrate complete trustworthiness - not just now, but as we continue to grow. It enables our customers to pick the best-fitting provider for their projects, saving time on their smart building journey, as well as money and resources too. And being one of the few residential technology Accredited Solutions means that we’re helping set standards in the smart residential building category.“ - William Shaw, co-founder and CEO of Hococo

Contact details:

Hococo: CEO and co-founder William Shaw, william@hococo.io, +45 71 70 35 00


About WiredScore

WiredScore sets the global standard for technology in the built world through certification and education. A champion of cutting-edge technology in real estate, WiredScore evaluates, improves, benchmarks and promotes digital connectivity and smart technology in homes and offices on a global scale, ensuring that buildings provide a best-in-class infrastructure that businesses and individuals require to thrive. 

Following success in the US, WiredScore launched in the United Kingdom in October 2015 after winning the Greater London Authority’s tender to be the official Mayor of London Digital Connectivity Rating Scheme. International demand for the digital connectivity rating system has since seen the company expand operations across North America and Europe. Since then, over 800 million square feet (75m sq m) of commercial and residential space has been committed to WiredScore certification, impacting 8 million people across 36 countries. 

For more information on WiredScore, SmartScore or to find WiredScore and SmartScore-certified buildings, visit: www.wiredscore.com.

About Hococo

Hococo is a tenant experience and operations SaaS platform, enabling residential owners and operators to improve NOI and create communities of happy and loyal tenants. Our all-in-one SaaS solution turns distant tenants into long-term customers by helping owners offer round-the-clock hospitality-like service. We also equip our customers with all the tools needed to seamlessly manage building operations and communications, as well as drive positive social impact across their portfolio.

Plus, by providing greater transparency into how residents are engaging with their buildings, real estate professionals are empowered to make smarter, more informed asset management decisions that improve overall NOI. Operating across the UK and Europe, Hococo’s technology is trusted by the likes of Patrizia, NREP and Catella and is deployed across more than 10,000 residential units.

For more information on how Hococo can transform your buildings from brick and mortar, into sticky, profitable communities, visit: www.hococo.io.


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