New feature in Community Channels: Resident Events

December 14, 2023

Hococo's popular Community Channels in the Resident App have been enthusiastically received by the residents in the properties that have already adopted the new feature, launched last year. 

With our Resident app’s Community Channels, residents can create groups around topics that connect them. This can be a hobby or other interest such as reading, running or home décor, but it can be anything else. It can be a group for people on the same floor, a group to ask for help watering your plants when you are away, offer help to walk the dog or for example a group to give away furniture. 

Community Channels is the residents’ own playground to start discussions, find common interests and get to know each other with the help of modern technology.

And now Community Channels just got even better, with a new feature: Resident Events

Now residents can create their own events in the app

The latest feature of the Community Channels in the Resident App is Resident Events, meaning that all the residents in the app can take the initiative to organise an event for the other residents. This can be for instance:

  • Book Club
  • Running or Training Club 
  • Winter Bathing Club
  • Community Dinner
  • Friday bar
  • Or anything else!

With this new feature, getting together with your neighbours is even easier than before. In the event, the creator can determine a date and time, choose a photo to describe their event and add a written description. When the event is created in the chosen channel, everybody in that channel is automatically invited and can sign up for the event. So easy, and so powerful.

Anchor your tenants to the property with the power of people

The different things one can do with the Resident App are at the same time useful for most people, and on top of that, create important connections and ties between the residents. 

In our busy lives, we are used to seeking help with digital tools, and might not even look our neighbours in the eye in the corridor when busy with our phones. At the same time, we are looking to connect with other people. Digital will never replace real connection, but in our urban, digital lifestyle we have lost the ability to make these connections naturally. 

That's why we developed Community Channels. 

They bring the walls of a property to life, removing the barriers and thresholds that prevent us from getting to know the people we share the same walls with. Without us even noticing, it improves our quality of life, putting a smile on our faces when we meet people in the hallway who are no longer strangers. Suddenly, the apartment building feels like something more meaningful: a home, a community. And a community is much harder to leave than just walls without meaning.

As a property owner, encouraging your tenants to connect and create communities will enhance their quality of life and anchor them more strongly to the property they live in. 

Want to hear more about Community Channels? Book a free Demo with us!

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