▶️ New Innovative Experiences in Real Estate

June 18, 2023

The webinar "New Innovative experiences in Real Estate" was organized by PropTech Denmark and Women in PropTech in February 2022. It focused on the Danish proptech industry and the changes that are happening in real estate as the interest in the experiences in our built environment is growing .

Insights to rental market with Katrine Larsen:  

Below you can read Katrine Larsen's thoughts on what can be expected during the next five years in the rental market - and most importantly - how property managers can prepare for these changes now.

What are key changes you expect to see in real estate rental industry during the next five years?

I believe that in five years’ time the real estate industry will be driven by new technologies that help to manage the booming rental market. For landlords the biggest challenge will be the daily management and how to provide good service for the tenants.

Now there are limited tools to face these challenges but in the next few years the landlords will have the opportunity to choose among different software solutions to make their daily operations more efficient. These will also enable new revenue streams with for example marketplace solutions while meeting the tenants demands for instant service and positive environmental impact.

How can the property managers proactively prepare to these changes?

First and foremost, the property managers need to understand their own digital infrastructure and then begin to explore the emerging solutions out there to either build on top on existing solutions or to replace. Be curious about new solutions that break with the traditional and try out some pilot tests to see if the shoe fits.
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