Ecosystem for Efficient Building Management

June 18, 2023

Monitoring energy consumption in residential buildings has become a must. Our environment requires us to behave more responsibly and consume more moderately. And at the EU level, there is a desire to promote these goals: for example, a directive has been introduced that will affect all residential buildings, with the aim of promoting energy efficiency and reducing their carbon footprint.

Today's consumers - your residents - are also more aware, and want to play their part in climate action. They therefore also expect a modern and proactive approach to monitoring energy consumption and other climate-relevant measures where they live.

Hococo, NorthQ and Wise Home have made it easy for your property to comply with the law and operate in an environmentally friendly way: let us introduce the new Ecosystem for Efficient Building Management.


Measure, collect, distribute & visualise

We joined forces with two Danish proptech operators. This enables us to provide a complete solution for properties to measure, document and visualise heat, electricity and water consumption in buildings - enabling automated and efficient management of building assets.

This is how it works:

NorthQ Solutions will provide your property with all the necessary metering & data collection infrastructure as well as the collection of performance data such as energy consumption & building system data.

Wise Home uses all relevant consumption data to deliver an automatic distribution of consumption statements for water, electricity & heat across your building asset.

Hococo uses this data collected through NorthQ and Wise Home and visualises it directly on tenants' own phone screens via their Resident App.

Our Ecosystem for Efficient Building Management allows us to combine the essential tools needed to:

  • collect relevant property data
  • send utility bills to all tenantsΒ 
  • visualise their individual consumption in the app
  • meet the EU requirements
  • optimise your property's energy consumption
  • take better care of our shared natural resources
  • meet your ESG targets
  • encourage tenants to consume more consciously andΒ 
  • increase tenant satisfaction.

The future of PropTech collaborations is here. Contact us to discover the value of the unique partnership solution between Hococo, Wise Home & NorthQ Solutions.

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