6 tips and tricks for a great tenancy

June 18, 2023

We’ve gathered a few tips and tricks for making your apartment the best place possible to live and make your tenants experience that much better.

It might sound like a no-brainer but by implementing just a few tips and tricks in your everyday life can improve your experience as a tenant a great deal. So why not start now? Read on to see which six tips and tricks we found for you.

Love thy neighbour… by minimising excessive noise 🔊

When you live in a community, everyone’s living in close quarters to other tenants. You will most likely share a wall with one or two people and most often have people living above you or below you. This means you will have to accept the fact that there will always be a bit of noise around you coming from other tenants, including music, drilling, television, etc. Generally, it would be preferable if all tenants were mindful of each other so noise complaints will be limited. This includes lowering the volume of your music or TV and keeping any potential renovations or redecorating noises to a minimum 👏

Get some fresh air 🌪️

It is important to get some fresh air and airing out your apartment every now and then will definitely also do that. When airing out your apartment, you’re guaranteed a better indoor air quality and overall climate. A few times a day for a few minutes should suffice. The same goes for your bathroom when you’ve taken a shower: Get some fresh air into the room to avoid that musty and stuffy smell. Your apartment and future guests will thank you for it! 👨👩

Take out the trash 🗑️

We all know that came-home-from-being-away-for-a-long-time-and-forgot-to-take-out-the-trash smell. Let’s be honest. It’s terrible. So let’s offer you a piece of advice: Take out your trash regularly to make your apartment smelling fresh rather than musty or stuffy.
In relation to simply taking out the trash, we encourage you to recycle whenever possible. If there are containers available for recycling household things such as glass, metal, plastic and general waste, you help keep the earth cleaner by getting rid of your waste the correct way one disposal at a time 🌱

Save money 💰

We all want to save money and we hate spending money that’s simply going to waste. Therefore, it goes without saying that you should turn off appliances you’re not using in order to save money. This includes not leaving electronics such as TVs and computers on standby and making sure to turn off the lights when you leave a room. To take it a step further, you can invest in specific bulbs for your lamps that reduce the amount of money you spend on lighting in each room of your home 💡

Keep it clean 🧽

This goes without saying: A clean apartment is key to a ‘healthy’ apartment. To make sure you clean your apartment regularly, you could have a weekly cleaning day for vacuuming, dusting, laundering, tidying, mopping, etc. 🧹That way, you’re also always ready to have people over as your apartment will be clean the majority of the time. Maybe even light a scented candle or invest in scent diffusers to keep your apartment smelling fresh and inviting all the time 🕯️

Sharing is caring ❤️

When you move away from home, a lot of things change: You’re on your own, you decide when dinner is, how to decorate your space is entirely up to you, etc. It’s great. But it also forces you to grow up and take responsibility. When you’re part of a community, you most likely share facilities which is why you should always make sure you clean up after yourself. That way, all tenants are able to appreciate the facilities 🥳

These were just a few tips and tricks to make your tenancy that much better. Maybe you’ll start implementing some of them now? Let us know on our social media: LinkedIn & Facebook.

If you use our Hococo system, you can use the broadcast feature to remind tenants of these tips and tricks. That way, you're in direct contact with your tenants, which can help build an even stronger relationship. From a survey we made, we found that 96% of tenants are more likely to stay in their rented apartment longer if the service is exceptionally good. Thus, we've found that the better the relationship between landlord and tenant, the more loyal tenants tend to be. Do you want to know more about how the Hococo system can help you and which features we have? Book a demo today.

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