3-in-1 solution for smarter property management

December 14, 2023

Many property owners are currently looking at how to make their operations more efficient while ensuring tenant satisfaction and retention. Our solution provides the answer to many challenges in one package: it is comprehensive, beneficial to all stakeholders and supports the development of profitable business and customer satisfaction.Β 

These 3 tools, all within the same digital solution, will improve efficiency and quality of life for property owners, property managers and tenants alike.

1. AdminΒ Hub: Manage your rental properties at ease

Admin Hub is the property owners’ window to property data and a tool for property managers to manage daily tasks – everything in one hub. In the Admin Hub you can for instance:

  • Get a good overview of and manage all your properties from the property level to the unit level.
  • Boost your communication activities and increase engagement by sending broadcasts and creating events for tenants.
  • Offer important information and useful documents for tenants that they can access anytime and anywhere independently.
  • Create new revenue streams by offering amenities for your tenants to book and use.
  • Spot issues in advance and act before they become reasons to leave to your tenants.

2. Resident App: Offer 24/7 communication and service for tenants

Resident App is an around-the-clock service in the pockets of your tenants. It is an extension of the service you provide, increasing your tenants' autonomy and customer satisfaction.

  • Resident App’s Home Assistant is a place where your tenants can search for and find information independently – just how they prefer it.
  • In case the answers are not found in the Home Assistant, offer your tenants a quick way to report any issues or send requests – and follow them up transparently, to increase their satisfaction and engagement.
  • Invite tenants to the Community Channels to get to know each other and find common interests – and by doing this, you'll bring the walls of the apartments alive, you'll make the property a home, and create a base of a community for your tenants.Β 
Community Channels are part of Hococo's digital tenant experiene

3. Operations App: Improve efficiency through automatisation

Inefficient activities take up an incredible amount of valuable time in the working day. They also prevent you from providing the best possible service to your customers. The Operations App tackles this problem. By streamlining operations, you save both time and money - and increase tenant satisfaction.

  • Handle all issues and requests of tenants with an easy ticket flow – pre-assign ticket priorities and assignees for different topics, and ensure that all questions, issues or requests will be handled in a timely manner.
  • With Home Assistant, tenants can find answers to most common questions independently, which means that you will only receive more critical issues and questions that cannot be answered within the Q&A of the app.
  • Having all the communication and interactions with your tenants in one app makes the administration more efficient and transparent for everybody in the property management roles – no more emails that are forever hidden in old colleagues' disabled inboxes.

A 3-in-1 digital solution: added value to everybody

Yes, our Tenant Experience and Operations Software comes with all the three tools described above – and they will help you to take your tenant experience to the next level. Together these three tools will help you as a property owner to get a better understanding of the state of your properties and the mindset of your tenants, it enables more efficient operations for your property managers and finally results in better service and communication for your tenants.Β 

Needless to say – all this together will save time and money, increase tenant retention – and improve your ROI.

UMEUS offers a digital tenant experience with Hococo


If you want to hear more about the functionalities of our digital solution and how it can improve the lives of your tenants and employees, book a free demo already today – just click the link right here in the bottom of the page.


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